Jet Setting is drummer, John Schaffer, guitarist, Zach Cruess, and Logan Coats.  The three got to know each other over a course of run-ins in the cornucopious Nashville music scene, playing with the likes of The Bumbs, Fast Astronaut, Easy Roscoe, and as backing musicians for the towns singer songwriter culture.  Growing disillusioned with playing what felt like disingenuous music, front man, Logan Coats and Zach Cruess sat down for a few beers and talked about the possibilities of what a band could be.
                In February of 2018, Jet Setting came out swinging with a grueling 7 day a week rehersal and writing schedule and played a slew of dive and club shows and recording their first Single "Less Than Nothing."  The band refuses to lift the pace, releasing monthly singles, a collection of music videos, and their debut EP entitled "Lacey." 
                Jet Setting's work has been well received, being featured on Nashville's 102.9 The Buzz as well as Lightning 100.  The Deli Nashville describes them as "The most savage sonic wall of thrashing rock you always wanted."  Vocalist, Logan Coats', voice is often compared to Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon and the band has a raw, earnest but polished sound akin to Queens of The Stoneage, Nirvanna, the Foo Fighters, and the like.   Jet Setting plans to spend most of 2019 on tour as well as writing and recording at home with producer, Andy Wildrick.
                Jet Setting''s first full  length album, Scrub Yourself Cleawill be released in the upcoming year with a trio of hard hitting singles to precede it.  After the release of Scrub Yourself Clean Jet Setting plans to release an exclusive deluxe version of the album with special live cuts from Blackbird Studios in Nashville TN.